Thank you to everyone who contributed to my essay, I have been very busy working on it as of late. Leaving my blog fairly unattended. I'll be going around checking everybody's pages today that commented on my post.

So, in the late hours of the night I was struck with an awful awful idea, and decided to go through with it. You see, I am straight edge, or the modern interpretation of it. I do not drink, smoke, or do other kinds of drugs. Partially because of my addictive personality and lack of control. But this isn't about why I am straight edge, just a bit of background history. So as some of my followers know I recently had my 18th birthday, which also happens to mark 18 years of being straight edge. So last night I ended up converting an electrical toothbrush, into a tattoo gun. And, cutting to the end, I now have the straight edge X permanently tattooed to my foot. haha. I figured even if sometime down the road I quit being edge, I can look back with pride at the 18 years I was clean for.


Quick Segue; Animal Testing

Still working on the blogbrowser obviously, but I have an assignment due in my english 100 class thursday that I have yet to start on. I am to do an essay comparing two essays, J B S Haldane's, Some Enemies of Science, and David Suzuki's, The Pain of Animals. Which are essentially just arguments over animal testing. Personally I feel that the answer is somewhere in the gray area in between the two extremes, but I just can't seem to start writing this essay. I was wondering if any of my faithful posters had any opinions to help give me a kick start to the essay, or just wanted to bash either side of the whole thing. So if you are up to it, let me know what you think!

Update 4.

Looks like hidden blogger was right, I think TOR is going to have to be the way to go on this one. I have searched quite a bit and the only thing I can find is local ip changing code, which is pretty much useless for me. I don't believe I will be able to incorporate TOR into blogbrowser but that does not stop one from running it in the background anyway. Other work will continue shortly, but as things stand I will not have an anonymous function to my browser.  If anyone with programming experience has anything to say about this just comment or message me. I'm working in Visual Basic.


Update 3.

No real changes at this point, I've just been doing some research into the changing of ip's for a more anonymous browsing experience. Out of the three programming languages I know, Visual Basic is the one I know the least, so programming is taking a while. Any of the people that commented saying they were also programmers are welcome to join me on this project, just message me.

So because I had no visual update, I leave you with this.


No Update For Now

Hey sorry guys no update on the program today. I was pretty busy yesterday because I had my 18th birthday. I have had my laptop fixed thought so I can once again run internet on it, this should speed up the programming of the blogbrowser. Thanks every body for keeping tabs on the update, once I know whether or not it will actually all work, I'll have some special offers put out. I'll get back to programming when I get back from school today.


A Program: Update 2.

A: Web Page
B: Site List
C: Tools
D: Address Bar

Now so far its just a basic layout with nothing special. The current tools are forward, back, and the only thing that is special from a browser so far, the refresh multiplier. You enter a number to the right of refresh and it refreshes the page that many times. More stuff is coming but I just didn't want to leave you guys hanging. If you have any requests for the browser just comment and I'll see what I can do.

A Program: Update 1.

I was hoping to have a couple screen shots ready to go before I did another post. But unfortunately I've run in to a bit of a problem. The internet on my laptop has died. No matter where I am it refuses to pick up signals. This makes the programming for me quite difficult as I am not an expert at visual basic. I have extensive practice with similar languages, but I need to use VB, and I need to look up a lot of syntax things to make sure I'm doing every thing right. I'm going to have to use my family computer which is much tougher as it is shared among the five of us. It will take longer than I hoped, but I should have some screen shots up tomorrow. Thanks for following.